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nomad of salt and hard water

A few years ago, I read that the poet Audre Lorde revised her poems throughout her life. I love this idea, because as poets know, a poem is never truly “done.” As living artifacts of our changing worlds and evolving perspectives, poems have the capacity to transform, to become more of themselves at any particular time, and reflect on their histories.

So when my first print run of Nomad of Salt and Hard Water (Dinah Press, 2012) sold out, I decided that instead of re-printing the same book, I’d go back in and see if/how the poems could grow as I have. I’m really excited to experiment with new possibilities for these poems that have been so critical for my development as an artist, while continuing to work towards the original intention and spirit of the book.

The original edition will still be available in e-book form. The new edition of Nomad of Salt and Hard Water will be published by Thread Makes Blanket Press.


I recently completed my second book-length poetry manuscript, Salvage, with great support from colleagues and mentors, and the time and writing space provided by my residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Thank you, everyone! I am looking forward to finding a home for this book. A sampling of individual poems from the manuscript (publication dates 2013/14) is available in the Publications page.


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