Nomad of Salt and Hard Water

It wasn’t me you saw among the pale shipwrecked vowels. I have never breathed that sunset,  I have never been found. NOMAD Excerpt from the Preface: After the first print run of Nomad sold out, I was offered the opportunity to do a second printing with Thread Makes Blanket press. Inspired by Audre Lorde, who […]

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Missing Plane

in memory of the 239 passengers aboard Malaysian Airlines MH370, which disappeared on March 8, 2014  I. Language was the flight that disappeared. At first the sky seemed strangely bare: not like a coat with one lost button, but a universe of coat where the button has never existed. Soon, there is panic. Because no […]

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Even If

in memory of Aiyana, Tamir, Michael, Trayvon, Eric in hope of becoming who we have been waiting for  I. The whiskey cooled to a nail circles the scent of the chasm a boy leaves behind – an anarchy of limbs distilled to the muscular pattern worn by those who daily sour the ink on their fingers with […]

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How to Watch The Act of Killing

My poem, “How to Watch The Act of Killing”, was recently nominated by Fifth Wednesday Journal, where it was first published, for a 2015 Pushcart Prize. I am truly amazed and humbled. Earlier this year, poet Rachel Jamison Webster had selected this poem for Fifth Wednesday’s Editor’s Prize in Poetry. I had written the poem […]

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Current Projects

A few years ago, I read that the poet Audre Lorde revised her poems throughout her life. I love this idea, because as poets know, a poem is never truly “done.” As living artifacts of our changing worlds and evolving perspectives, poems have the capacity to transform, to become more of themselves at any particular time, and reflect […]

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